Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our first 10 days at Bassenthwaite Lake

This is where the River Derwent leaves Bassenthwaite Lake and heads for Cockermouth and then into the Irish Sea at Workington. The photo is taken from Ouse Bridge.

When we arrived there was snow on Skiddaw.

Looking south towards Keswick.

Clouds today, and ducks.

This view is on the way to the Castle Inn. Good beer and good crisps.

This is the western side of the lake near the exit to the River Derwent.

Skiddaw again in different light.

And at a bit wider angle.

Liz has found a comfy branch.

The River Derwent en route to Cockermouth.


Quite close the the sunset picture, I noticed that the herons were nesting so the next morning I went back to get a few snaps.

In the woods by our caravan there are some old sheds which I thought would make quite good monochrome pictures.

But when I came to look in PS, I was amazed by the colours, so with a bit of HDR...